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Two AI Powered Tools That Can Be Used In A Classroom Setting

The following are two AI technology tools, I suggested both of them could be very helpful for teachers as well as students!


Duolingo is a popular language learning app mostly used to teach Spanish in and out of the classroom. Although Duolingo is known for teaching Spanish it has over 40 languages available for anybody to learn, these include English as well. In classrooms Duolingo can be used to teach a language or teachers may choose to use it for homework or practice assignments. One way Duolingo can be used is for teaching students who are learning English as a second language. Duolingo has free version with ads which is another reason why many language teaching course gravitate toward using it. One last feature that Duolingo has that can be beneficial to students is the D.E.T.(or the Duolingo English Test). This test can be for upcoming international students who are looking to complete their English Language proficiency requirements. This feature is incredibly helpful because it comes at no cost to the student but it is accepted as an official certificate by over 5000 colleges and universities. 

Gamma AI

Gamma is an AI tool that can assist teachers and students alike in creating presentations, slideshows, documents, and websites without any need for coding and design skills.

Teachers can use Gamma to create or find inspiration for lesson plans and course content for presentations. Gamma AI can be used to help teachers make their lessons more interactive with their rich slideshows while also saving teachers time and money.

Gamma AI also provides similar features for students including pdf download of designs.

Students can use Gamma AI's presentation tool to help them pick out templates, integrate widgets, and make their presentation feel more lively and robust. 

The website for subscribing to Gamma is  

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